First Class Fashions (FCF) is a New York based clothing company that started with two brothers who were committed to simply becoming better. As young men of color, it was important for us to develop an organic route to success without falling into the stereotypical lifestyle pinned on black men in America. We promised one another we would triumph together, and at that moment, our flight took off and First Class Fashions was born. Our journey, like most, has had ups and downs, but we have finally reached our destination. 

Our purpose is to reach people of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors through fashion. First Class Fashions provides urban fashion at a competitive price that is guaranteed to have our customers looking great and feeling comfortable. We believe there is always a way out of your circumstance, and as long as you have a resilient mindset and work hard, you will always come out on top. We are living in that reality.

Here at First Class Fashions, we value family, friends and the connections we build with our customers. We are determined and dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to our customers and creating a community where everyone can…“Fly High & Soar” with First Class Fashions.